Sts. Peter and Paul School


We are working to become literate, responsible, independent, problem-solvers with Christ Jesus’ attitudes and beliefs.

We, the students, families, and staff of Sts. Peter and Paul School, unite in the pursuit of a personal relationship with Christ. With a positive attitude, successful learning experiences, and respect for all persons and their cultures, we accept the responsibility and challenge of life-long learning.  Together we will work to enable one another to become literate, independent, communicative, responsible, problem-solving adults with Christian attitudes and beliefs to guide us in our decisions through life, so that we can become healthy, active, successful citizens of our communities and churches.

The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas Catholic Schools


Be it known to all who enter our Schools
that Christ is the reason for these Schools,
the unseen but ever present Teacher in our classes,
the Model of our faculty, the inspiration of Our Students.